Lifetime Value

This future facility would promote awareness in the local community of Maui and the State of Hawaii and celebrate Hawaiian roots and history. This first barrier-free camp would educate and celebrate the importance of community, culture, recreation, education, inclusion and equality. This will not only greatly benefit our local residents but also our travel industry. Maui was voted as the number one Island in the Conde Nast Survey in 2016. We will be known worldwide, as an exciting accessible destination. Participants of the camp will leave with a Never Give Up Attitude, in hopes of integrating into their communities with newfound skills, positive potential and a sense of purposeful living.

attending the facility would be empowered with more independence, encouraged to build dignity, self- confidence, and community. Therapeutic adaptive sporting activities designed for those with physical mobility impairments will be available, like kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking with off-road wheelchairs, and zip lining.